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Ivory Coast Mission
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Ivory Coast Mission

Ivory Coast, Africa

Bro. Jerry and I returned home from our trip Sunday February 4, 2007. We are both doing well. We were both very blessed to have a safe and healthy trip. There is a great need in the Ivory Coast. All of the Christians ask for your prayers for new converts and to that the Lord will keep the established churches strong and growing. There is much sickness among the children and adults also. All of the Christians there are very thankful for all of the support they received from everyone in the States. They are thankful for your prayers. Please continue to remember them all and Bro. Jerry and his family.
We stayed in Abidjan for the first few days and had service with the church in Abidjan on Sunday. We looked at a few lots to purchase for the church there. They are renting a building now and can't have service whenever they want. It is not a safe area at night. The church begged Jerry and I not to come back for evening service. After we left the city we went up country, where we worked during the day and evangelized at night. Our work consisted of working on the water tower and laying block  on the wall around the house. All theChristians were very eager to evangelize with us. When we entered the villages at night erveryone would come out to see what was going  on. Many of the people that were listening had never heard the name of Jesus before. Many were interested  and asking questions. Please continue to pray for this work!

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